The BnBAdworx Apparel Fundraiser Program is a program we created to help Non- Profits across the country raise money for their organization and help spread the organizations brand through Spirit Wear.  Brand Awareness is important for Non Profits too.

The Perks

No need to worry about collecting money from all over the place.  Use our platform and we handle all of the processing for you!

Get Paid Easy via Paypal/CashApp/Money Order

Raise the funds you need without doing all the hard work!

Add BnBAdworx Marketing Assist Program to your campaign.  This gives you access to our entire marketing team to help promote your fundraiser

  1. Design Meeting

  2. Design and Draft Appproval

  3. Fundraiser Collenction Build Out

  4. Launch Fundraiser

  5. Close Fundraiser

  6. Print Merchandise

  7. Pick Up Orders and Get Paid

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